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"Do you shoot more than just couples?"

++ Being a wedding photographer I am a little bias to my couples but I dig my family sessions as well. I love my couples and I do know that one day they are going to bring little blessings into the world and I want to be a part of documenting that also. It's really refreshing changing it up every now and then. 

 "Can I bring my dog?"

+ Of freaking course! I am a huge dog lover and I realize they are family! I actually have 4 of my own, they're pretty much my kiddos. I just ask that you have a puppy sitter or if you're cool tying it up for the remaining time of the session when the dog won't be in the pictures. If you want feel free to shoot me an email with some pictures of your fur child. I'm a firm believer you can never get too many animal pictures sent your way. ;)

"Can we drink before the session?"


9 times out of 10 you're nervous for pictures. If you need something that knocks the edge off! 

If you're of age and have responsible driver, be my guest!

What kind of gear do you have?"

+ Canon Mark IV + Canon Mark III + Canon 6D + Canon 35mm 1.4L + Canon 50mm 1.2L + Canon 135mm 1.4L + 

"Do you travel for weddings or sessions?"

+ Sure do! Traveling as a special place in my heart. My passport is update and ready to go. I have got the pleasure this past year of traveling internationally twice this past year + over 10 states in the US. 

"We can't decide were we want to get married...We are throwing around the idea of eloping. Can you give me some insight on how it works?"

+ Girl, you're in the right place. My husband and I eloped! I feel so strongly about eloping. There is just something so dang intimate and special about having a day completely dedicated and ALL about you and your love. No distractions, no rushing... just pure love + connection. I would absolutely love to chat with you more about your thoughts.

"Do you have a list of your 2018 travels I can take a peek at to possibly align a session or our elopement in a cool place?"

+Sure thanggg, just email meeeehhh and we can chat!


"Do you offer engagement pictures with your packages?"

++ Sure do! I think getting to hang out before the wedding and getting to know one another during the session is huge for how you feel and act in front of me on the wedding day. I am currently in the works of creating a "What to expect wedding guide" so hang tight for that brides. It will explain how my process works when it comes to booking with me, what all the packages include, best time of day for pictures, tips and tricks to make your day run smoothly, and so much more.

"Can you send me the raw or unedited images?"

+ Nope, I do not release any raw photos. I would hope you trust and know my style and judgement upon booking. ;)

"Do you offer any special rates?"

+ Only with weddings. I offer a 5% discount if weddings are paid in full with cash the day we take engagement. I also offer a military discount of $300 off any package.

"Do you offer mentor sessions?"

+ I don't. Sorry Charlie. 

"What to wear?"

+ What to wear is the most common question that people ask me. I LOVE flowy dresses for my gals and earthy tones for my guys. My style sways towards the "In the moment natural look." Ultimately, I want my images to portray you, your family, or whatever stage you're at in life. I LOVE when clients send me their outfit ideas or ask for advice on what to wear. I will go over color scheme with you to what best fits with the environment you will be in.  It gives me a good vibe of where I want to have the session take place and what kind of look you are trying to lean towards. Check out my Pinterest board to get some inspo! click here

"We are so awkward..."

++ Believe meeeee, I have heard sooo many people claim to be awkward, you aren't as awkward as you may feel. Of course in the beginning of the session everyone feels a little strange having a camera up in their face but you will get comfortable I pinky promise! This is why I feel like it is so important to do an engagement session with me if you are a bride who has booked. I allows us to get to know one another and those first time jitters are out of the way before the wedding day. For those of you stressing about feeling awkward or how to prepare for a session... Here is a link below on tips how to rock your session, I can't stress enough how awesome this article is. This session and a few drinks, ya'll are gonna kill it! 


Katcha Silva - rock your session (a must read)

"How long is the session?"

++ Typically my sessions are between a hour to two hours. I know, I know, there is usually one person who hates having to take the yearly pictures. Personally I like to think my style of photography is very candid and in the moment type of feel. If ya have to, take a shot or two, chug a beer, bring beer along, whatever ya gotta do to calm the nerves. Shoot, bring it to the session. I promise I'm not that scary, just make sure one of you is the designated driver. Remember men, happy wife, happy life. ;) Only kidding, but really I want your session to be fun and for you too think, "Okay, that wasn't that bad."

 "How do I get the images?"

++ Easy peasy, I will uploaded all the edited images to Pixieset, from there you can download them straight to your computer. All I ask is that you go through a professional printing site if you decide to get them printed. I mean if you're going to pay the money to hire a photographer you might as well get your moneys worth and take the extra step to have good quality images. Hey, I do understand those last minute gifts though for family and I will admit I have used Walmart (cringing inside and can't believe I am admitting that.) I highly recommend you when have the time to get them printed through a website like, m.pix Shutterfly , or Nations Photo Lab do it. I also offer the option of going through me to get the images as well if that's easiest for you. Just pleasssse for the love of pete, get them printed professionally.

"What is your turn around time?"

++ For portrait sessions I like to get people their images back to you in two weeks at the very latest. I know how it feels to wait for images and the waiting game sucks. I promise, I try my best to knock them out whenever I have spare time! Weddings, well that's a little different ballgame. For weddings it can be up to 90 days but most case scenarios its way before the 90. ;)

"Will you photoshop that?"

+ I'm a Lightroom gal! No photoshopping here. I will not alter your physical characteristics. However, I will fix any blemishes anyone may have.

"Should I send a shot list?"

+ I love getting a family shot list just so during portraits time at the wedding it makes things go smoother when trying to round everyone up. When you don't have it, it's pretty similar to herding cats. But to answer the question.. No, I prefer not to have a shot list. I love being able to capture the day as I see it with a creative flare. This article is something I highly recommend you check out. Click here


++ YAY! Just hit the connect tab and fill out my questionnaire and I'll gladly send you over some more information!