General Sessions


2-3 outfit changes

1 location

minimum of 60 images

online image gallery + digital download

print release

high resolution images

all sessions start one hour before sunset or sunrise.

$100 is due at the time of booking to secure your date.


Preexisting Clients!

Preexisting clients! If you have worked with me before please note that it is $50 off! Making it $300. I appreciate you coming back to me to document this time in your life.



For every couple or family that books with me that you have referred, you will receive $25 off your next session! Just make sure they let me know when inquiring that you sent them my way!!



Check out + follow along on my Pinterest.

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What to wear?!

Stumped on what to wear?! I have a Pinterest board to pull inspo from. We will go over color scheme! I love earthy tones and depending on where we will be located we will base colors off of that! I recommend bringing more than you intend to wear so we can go with what goes best with the environment we will be in! Don’t be afraid to send me outfit ideas ahead of time! I love getting an idea of what vibe we’re going with. I also recommend leavin’ those heels at home and sticking with flats or even barefoot! During my sessions you will be moving around quite a bit!


Got questions?! I’ve got answers!


+ Normal rates within 75 miles of area code 74107

* Anything 50 miles outside of 74107 rates may be applied. *

+ All sessions are subjected to sales tax.

+ All Wichita, Kansas sessions have a set rate of an additional $100 to cover mileage.  

+ Wichita Kansas clients:: If we can plan a time around when I will be up in the area, it would be $50 off for the travel charge - split between you and the other family/couple.

+ Add ons +

+ 1-2 minute lovebird video clip / $300

+ 2nd location+ $75 to overall price

+ Additional hour + $75 of overall price 

+ Rushed photo delivery for portrait sessions 3- 5 days + $100 to overall price