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Session questionnaire + Contract!

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Spouse Name
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Date of Session
Date of Session
If we haven't chosen a date yet - don't worry about it!
Do you have a preference on what type of location we shoot at? Obviously we will do our best to find a location that will be perfect for you considering the area we have to work with! Is there an environment you think you two would be more yourselves in? Any places that mean a lot to you two + your relationship?
What kind of vibe are you hoping for?! Edgy, intimate, fun loving, unique, etc.
If applicable!
Do you have a preference on a morning or evening shoot? Soft low light is what we are going for, so we can plan to start either 1.5 hours before sunset, or 20 minutes before sunrise. To find the sunset/sunrise time of the area on that date, you can just google the location + date sunrise/sunset time so you can plan accordingly (hair & makeup, errands, etc).
If you would like for me to help you when it comes to styling, I would absolutely love to bounce ideas off each other! You are welcome to text me pictures of outfits and/or bring lots of options to the session!
Anything you think I should know or do to be able to better photograph you two or make you guys feel chill? Bring beer or cookies? Draw a unibrow on my face? You name it and I’ve got you!
I'm not big on cheeseball props but are there any elements you’d like to incorporate into your shoot to make it more unique to the two of you? Your dog? A taco bell picnic? Your pickup truck? Band t shirts you got on your first date?