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Carrington + Jerod

Let me start by saying, HOLY CRAP they're perfect for each other and make the prettiest couple. I met the two of them a little over 2 years ago. Walker my husband played baseball at OCU in Oklahoma City and so did Jerod. After graduating Jerod + Carrington got a lab puppy (Mr. Pete he's in the pictures) from a litter we had. I knew then I adored them together. They both have sucha laid back roll with anything personality, aka my type of people.

I love their love story and how it all came about, just to fill you in they were paired together to walk at a wedding with one another that they both were in. I mean how cute is that? Love brought love together and the rest is history.

Carrington asked me to come out to their place for the pictures and of course I jumped all over it. It always the best when couples want to do pictures in an area that is comfortable for them. When I got there I was swooned by how peaceful their little farm is. 

Jerod is a baseball coach at Adair High School so we started out the session at the baseball field. Carrington rocked THE CUTEST shirt and I got a little dose of what life is like for them in Adair, Oklahoma. Everything about the session melted my heart, from seeing the love that shined so brightly to just getting to hang out with an awesome couple. 

We later headed out to their farm land and finished the session in the perfect location. I had never messed with video before that night and I am so thankful that they were game to let me use them as my guinea pigs.  

I think through the pictures and the video you can see how deeply in love the two of them are. It always makes my heart so happy when I walk away from a session and think to myself how blessed I am to have a job where I get to hang out with genuine and kind people. 

Carrington + Jerod, thank you for choosing me to capture your love. I am so thrilled that you guys are going to tie the knot. May your marriage be blessed with many years of laughter and love.



Carrington + Jerod Video

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