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Brown Wedding

July 8th 2017 I got the privilege of shooting another sweet and intimate wedding this time with my photographer (Josie England - Josie England Photography) best by my side second shooting for me. Cody + Maddie started getting ready at 6 am and I showed up about 7:30am to capture the final touches. The wedding and reception was adorable. They chose to serve snack foods such as fruits and donuts because it was a morning wedding. Oh and they had a coffee truck! The whole day was so intimate and sweet. Cody made Maddie a leather book and filled it with pictures, notes, and bible verses to give to her on her wedding day. Everything about the day was so well thought out with all the details. It was absolutely beautiful. I am beyond thankful that Maddie + Cody chose me to capture their big day. Their love for one another is so selfless and devine, and a great example of how love is suppose to work.

I only got to spend an evening before their wedding doing their engagement session and they touched my heart. They brought me a succulent (my favorite) as a gift. Both of their demeanors are so extremely welcoming and vibrant. I throughly enjoyed getting to hang out with you both. I always say God places people in our lives for a reason and I'm thankful he allowed us to cross paths. I am so excited to see what ya'lls future hold because you guys are going to do great things together and impact many more lives to come. May God continue to bless you both and your marriage. I am so happy for you guys and thank you again for choosing me.

Much love friends,

XX - Sydney  

PS Maddie I was drooling while editing all the pictures that those pretty blue shoes were in. One of my favorites of your details of the day. Your something blue was perfect. <3

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