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To the Christian chick with the broken heart:


Girlfriend, just know you are never alone and you're stronger than you think at this given moment. You always have God to turn to in times of struggle, maybe this is his way of drawing you closer to Him. I know in my hard times of life it forced me lean on him because at the end of the day I didn't know how else to cope with it. Nothing will fill the hole you are feeling quite like the big man upstairs can. Don't get me wrong, there are going to be days when the last thing you want to do is talk to God. But push through it, he knows your heart and what is best for you. This phase of life is truly so hard, I know the feeling but God is placing this obstacle in your life because you are strong enough to handle it. All things God has us endure is for the greater good.

 I know it's so hard especially when you love someone or experience and heart break. BUT you are going to get the sense of comfort and community that your heart needs, just be patient. Every phase of life molds us into who we are meant to be we just have to learn to take each situation and see the good even when it's hard. Believe me I have my negative, anxious, and not trusting God's plans for me moments but you know what that's causes me? More anxiousness.

 Dive into things that make your soul happy. Don't allow yourself to base your happiness upon a boy, substances, or anything that could potentially hurt you over time. Lean on and cling to what is good and doesn't cause you to be anxious. The things that has helped me in the hard times was being in a church group and traveling, and finding my own happiness. Traveling I believe is good for the soul no matter what phase of life you're in. Join a church group for the sense of community and comfort you're longing for. Save your money, and pamper yourself or go plan a girls trip. Even if it's a weekend get away to Branson or the Wichita Mountains. Set your soul on fire, blaze your own path and find the happiness you deserve.

No one deserves to be sad but no person, substance, or material item is going to bring the happiness that you can bring yourself when you show self love and doing things that are good for your soul like seeing the beautiful world God so carefully created. When I was dating in previous years and I was in the boat of sadness or uncertainty. I told myself whenever I was broken up with, I won't allow him to steal my joy. I think that mentality is one of the things thats always got me through things. Same goes with tough situations, don't let the devil, or comparison be the thief of your joy. Find your joy. If we're meant to be with that person or going through tough times it'll get better. it will happen all in the time that our hearts are on the same page and if it doesn't.. well im pretty sure there are like 7 billion people in this world. 1 in the 7 billion is who my heart was suppose to be with.

 I know, I know that's probably the last thing you want to hear if you're going through a breakup but you WILL find happiness. You were way to beautifully made both inside and out to be alone when your heart is craving comfort and community. You deserve happiness and someone or friends who are there for you always. But with that being said, don't feel like you have to rush it or a friendship because the opportunity presents its self and you feel alone. It's okay to shop around and guard your heart from vulnerability until you're in a good and place with yourself and God.

 If your experiencing heartbreak or a rough patch with friends, you deserve to truly feel what it feels like to have someone's devoted love and respect. This might not always be the case but if you were broken up with, odds are he knows you're a great person and that he wasn't putting you first and truthfully I think he knew in the back of his mind that he's in a selfish phase of life. Unfortunately I feel like we all go through it at sometime or another. In the past when going through a breakup, it was hard to see their decision to end things as an ok thing. Honestly it feels like the end of the world and there is now way shape or form for you to ever possibly love and respect his decision because in the midst of it your heart is broken. You're wondering what you did or you didn't do for it to turn down this road. Just know if you feel like you put him first more times than not, well it's might not you. It might be him and his heart isn't ready to give it over to someone. I know that's very cliche but it's so true. Looking back on my husband and I, I am thankful we went through what we did and we dated other people. Crazy to say but I'm thankful and I know he could say the same. Now we don't have wandering eyes or a desire to see what else is out there. So if you do get back together it'll make you that much stronger if you can look past the dead time BS and not bring up when you weren't together, you can get through anything together. BUT if you don't get back together, you can reflect on what you want a healthy relationship to be like and what you want in a man and don't settle.

 Dance with Jesus and he'll allow the perfect man who was BEAUTIFULLY created just for you cut in at the perfect most beautiful time.  Once you trust God and what he has in store for you your path won't be so rocky feeling I promise. Each day will get easier and easier. In the times of struggle, pray for happiness and for you to see the good in the situation. I often tell God, " I trust you, and I'm going to get past this because you're with me." Just even verbalizing that helps me tremendously. Literally said that right before the wedding I shot yesterday because I was so nervous.

 But yeah I know this is super super long and I'm somewhat rambling and no words I can ever say can take away the pain but I hope my insight can bring you some sunshine during this time. Just know no matter what there is light at the end of the tunnel. I promise no matter what you're going to come out on top of this regardless of the outcome.





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