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Shila + Coady Pratt

I absolutely love when another artist gets a creative vision of mine and helps my vision come to life. Shila and I have been social media friends for a while now, we've said so many times "lets get together." After countless amounts of phone calls and texts to one another we FINALLY made it happen. Shila and Coady were real troopers for this session because it was like 18 degrees outside. Even though we cut the session short due to weather, I am so thankful I finally got to meet yet again another talented photographer. This job so far has blessed me with some really awesome people that I now call friends. Shila, you inspire me with your outlook on life, the industry, and your work. I am thankful we have connected and hit it off so well. I love yours and Coady's love for one another, just within the short amount of time I spent with ya'll it radiated through in the images. Can't wait to see what your creative soul comes up with when the time comes around to shoot Walker +  I and I also can't wait to work by your side this year! 






Sydney DavidsonComment