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I am so glad you are here. — I know like most women you probably were on the fence about even inquiring about a boudoir session. SO first off — CONGRATS!! You made it through the first step to feeling...


+fierce +


“I’M GOING TO BE SO AWKWARD…”++ Girl, I know walking into a situation where you are practically naked in from of a camera with a stranger is absolutely terrifying. ++ My goal is to by the end of the session for you say “That was fun and a lot easier than I thought it would be.” I want you to feel comfortable, confident, powerful, and sexy. I do the boudoir sessions out of a room in my house decorated for boudoirs. When you show up this girl, is greeting you at the door with your choice of wine or beverage. If you aren’t into wine and you’re more of whiskey or tequila chick, that's totally cool! Just tell me ahead of time and we’ll make it happen. ++ I have a music playlist made up  for during the session to lighten the mood and bring out your inner badass. Whether you are doing this for your love or just because you need a pick me up session, I want to pull out that inner badass, sexy, and confident chick that I know every girl has inside of them. 




++ My job is to make you feel comfortable and confident. This whole session is based off your comfort level. If you don’t have a shy bone in your body ++ feel like running around naked without a drop of alcohol and you’re totally cool with your sexuality, be my guest.  If you are the more reserved type, absolutely nothing is wrong with that either. So I welcome you to be my guest. If you are shy I always say to start with more and work your way to less. What I mean by this is if you feel confident and sexy in an oversized sweater and your panties — totally okay with me. By the end of the session I hope that between the alcohol and my demeanor, you feel more confident to weeerk what yo momma gave ya, for your man, or for you to look back on one day and think “DAYUM, I LOOKED GOOD.” ++ I don’t judge. You can be a bean pole or have a lil cushion for the pushin. For a lack of better words, I don’t give a shiiiit. You can be beautiful, confident, and a badass no matter what size you are. With all that said, talk to me. Every woman has somethingggg that she picks apart about herself unfortunately. Lemme know ahead of time what makes you feel confident and what makes you feel not so much. I don’t alter images to make you skinnier, I am not going to change the looks of you but I will shoot what is most flattering for your body type. If you are insecure about your tummy like most women, easy fix — we’ll place your arm across your belly or improvise by shooting from a different angle. I want these pictures to bring out your inner badass and for you to look at the images and radiate confidence. I hope when you receive the images you view yourself from a different light if you do struggle with some insecurities.


"HOW MUCH DO YOU CHARGE AND WHAT DOES THIS INCLUDE?" ++$600 for a one hour session. I do ask that you put down half of the deposit at the time of booking and the remaining half is due at the time of the session.  This includes 30-40 images with a print release. 

"COULD I DO A BOUDOIR DAY WITH MY GIRLFRIEND'S WHERE WE ALL GET READY TOGETHER?" ++ HECK YES! I actually offer a discounted rate of $50 off each boudoir when you get 3 to 5 girlfriends together. -- I will provide the alcohol and music. We would make a schedule up for the day for each individual session. There would be a professional makeup artist there to do your makeup for the sessions. While getting your makeup done you can plan to day drink at my casa, hang out, listen to music, play cards games, whatever it might be. 

“WHAT DO I WEAR?”++ If you are a little more reserved, start your session in a flannel or an oversize sweater. Robes are always a good option too. Plan your outfits in order from more to less. Stockings always make for good shoots of putting them on / taking them off. Teddies! A teddy is always slimming and sexy. Try to keep it neutral when it comes to your color choice. ++ Lace + Satin + Velvet — YAS GIRL YAS . Colors like black, grey, & white typically look best. Blush pinks & deep reds are always a good option too. ++ Depending on your comfort level there might be some shots of your hands covering your chest — so get yoooo nails done. 

"CAN WE DO THE SESSION AT MY HOUSE?" ++ ABSOLUTELY!!! I believe you are most comfortable in your own home. I would love to come to you. Just all I ask is that you tidy up the area in which you would like to do the pictures. Areas with a natural light is great but if you give me a window to work with we can make it happen! If the travel is over 50 miles outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma  it is subjected to a traveling charge of .50 per mile. If the you happen to live in the Wichita area, if we can coordinate a time where I am going to be up in the area and we can split the traveling fee between my other sessions I have scheduled the price of travel will be a bit cheaper. 

“HOW LONG IS THE SESSION?” ++ I typically try to keep it within the 45 - 1.5 range. 

"IS THERE GOING TO BE ALCOHOL?" ++ Of course if you would like there to be!

“DO YOU HAVE SOMEONE YOU’D RECOMMEND FOR HAIR + MAKEUP?”++ My dude, Sterling Shaver is amazingggggg.

Sterling Shaver — Salon 7 

15 West 41st St. 

Sand Springs, OK 

cell: (918) 619 - 3116

salon: (918) 241 - 2051

“WHEN DO YOU DO THE SESSION?”  Sessions are Monday - Friday during the day. I do it then for two reasons. I don’t book them on weekends because of potential wedding bookings. So it is easier hidden from your love so it can be a surprise and they aren’t wondering why you are walking out of the house with a full face of makeup on and 408098 bags. Or if you choose for me to come to you, hopefully your love won't be home.

“HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO EDIT THEM AND HOW DO I RECEIVE THEM?”++ 2 weeks! All edited images are uploaded to Pixieset, the album is set as private and I will send you a link through email.


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