Second Shooter Contract


This contract is between Sydney Davidson and the (SECOND) as detailed below:

PAYMENT: Sydney Davidson  will pay the SECOND the total fee of for services on of at SECOND will arrive by the specified time of and will leave no earlier than . If overtime is required, Sydney Davidson agrees to pay an hourly rate of for continued services. SECOND is not an employee of and will be responsible for all state and income taxes, withholding, insurance, social security and any other benefit or tax.

LEVEL OF SERVICE: SECOND is a work for hire associate under. SECOND agrees to be governed by this Agreement and understands that is in no way required to provide further jobs or hours to SECOND. SECOND understands that if he/she is a no-show at the event, they will not be allowed further work with and will not receive payment. SECOND agrees to let Sydney Davidson  know no later than one week before the event if they cannot make it so Sydney Davidson may have time to find a replacement.

DELIVERY: SECOND will delivery files immediately upon completion of the event  by handing over all cards used during the day. If this method is used, and SECOND provides cards then SECOND will receive cards back no later than 10 days after completion of event via personal delivery or mail. Memory cards will be carefully wrapped and packaged so as no damage occurs. If damage occurs to memory cards in the process of travel, Sydney Davidson agrees to replace with an exact product. Sydney Davidson can also lend cards to SECOND if needed. All cards must be returned to Sydney Davidson immediately following the event.

PAYMENT: Primary agrees to provide payment on day of event, immediately following completion of SECOND'S hourly obligations, and the remaining half at the moment files are delivered. SECOND may choose to be paid with check, cash or digital payment service.

GEAR+DRESS: SECOND agrees to come with a minimum of one fully functional camera and is responsible for having multiple batteries, extra memory cards, lights and other accessories available and fully charged. SECOND agrees to come dressed professionally for the event. Jeans, pants with holes and graphic tees are prohibited.

REPRODUCTION: SECOND photographer waves all right to copyright by accepting this job. As a work for hire associate, SECOND understands that all images produced are owned by . SECOND is not permitted to sell or advertise to/with any person, business, blog or advertising agency using any image governed by this Agreement without express written permission by Sydney Davidson . Any violation of this will result in immediate lawsuit proceedings. Sydney Davidson gives the following permissions of image use to SECOND: both print and web portfolio usage are allowed after Sydney Davidson has fully delivered event to client. SECOND is allowed to blog any images they took during the event but cannot use them for paid print advertisements, social media "boosted" posts or sponsored ads. Blog submission is strictly prohibited.

SOCIAL MEDIA: allows social media posting 30 days after full gallery delivery to client. At no point is SECOND allowed to tag, mention or otherwise inform client or their friends/family of social media postings. Boosted and promoted social media posts with photos governed by this Agreement are strictly prohibited. SECOND agrees to tag the PRIMARY in any and all social media posts.

CONFIDENTIALITY: SECONDS understands that any all information, materials, contracts, documents, financial practices, directing methods and any other photography related information that are given during the time governed by this Agreement are privileged and confidential. SECOND agrees not to distribute or disclose this information to anyone, at any time.

CLIENT INTERACTION: SECOND agrees to not have any interaction with client regarding photography services outside of the event, either before or after, including but not limited to phone calls, text, mail, email Instagram DM or Facebook Messenger. If client attempts to make contact regarding event named in the Agreement, SECOND agrees to notify Sydney Davidson immediately for further decision and before responding to client.

EXCLUSIVITY: SECOND understands that they represent solely at the event and agrees not to mention or otherwise reference any other company, business or organization they represent including their own photography business. SECOND agrees to not distribute business cards at any time throughout the event to the bride and groom, their family or their friends. SECOND is not bound by this agreement outside of any work with Sydney Davidson.

LIABILITY: Primary is not financially liable for any loss or injury that occurs during event to either body or equipment.

This Contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of Oklahoma
in Tulsa County and any applicable Federal Law.
In Agreement to the above mentioned terms, the SECOND and sign below:

Sydney N. Davidson

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